November 19, 2021

By Briona Arradondo, Fox 13 News

Students are often at the helm of social change, and that’s what some Tampa Bay universities want to tap into through a new racial justice fellowship at the University of South Florida.

The program aims to give students the tools to advocate for diversity and equity in their communities and learn about systemic racism and racial injustice.

“I immigrated from Jamaica to America and getting used to the society in America of being a black man and having to understand that. I want to make a difference in my community so I decided this program would be the best fit me,” said Aaron Rose, a USF freshman studying global business.

The racial justice fellowship is a pilot program with eight students this year with Stetson College of Law, Eckerd College and St. Peterburg college to teach students about diversity and shaping policy with the help of nonprofits in Pinellas County.

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